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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jeremiah's 3rd Birthday!

Our "big" three year old

Jeremiah is now 3! We cannot believe it! Where has the time gone. We are planning on sending him to preschool when we get back from our California trip. We think that it is something that he will really benefit from. He is already can count super high, knows his colors, shapes, opposites, can name all the alphabet letters, name the numbers, and is learning to read the sounds that the letters make. He is really wanting to learn to read so we are focusing on that right now.

For his birthday party J.P. wanted Disney Pixar Cars 2 theme. He is really into cars and anything related to cars. He had a blast with all his friends, cake, pinata, opening his presents, and just being a kids where ice cream can be what's for dinner.
J.P. hitting his Lightning Mcqueen pinata
J.P.'s yummy cake

It is amazing to see how much he has changed from last year. He is a great boy and a real joy to have as our son. We are amazed at what a sweet spirit he has. So loving, caring and compassionate. He is always looking out for his brother and sister.Don't get me wrong he does at times fit into the "trying threes" sometimes but his general overall personality just amazes us for his age. He is wise beyond his years.

He has also asked Jesus to live in his heart. He wants Jesus to go on a car ride with us and really wants Hi to come over to play. It is the curtest thing ever. He loves praying to God or "talking" to God. It is such a wonderful blessing to see. He has a precious moments Bible and loves to get it out and "read" it.

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