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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's A....

13 Weeks & 2 Days
Jan. 15th 2008

Today I had an Ultrasound scheduled which is a standard procedure that Kaiser does. Paul and I were excited to have the opportunity to see our baby once again. When the lady starts checking the baby she asks me how far along I was and I told her that I was just over 13 weeks. She then informs me that this procedure was scheduled too early. I should have been scheduled at 18 weeks. She also tells me that the baby was measuring at 14 weeks and a few days. She said that since I was there she might as well look at the baby and give us some pictures but that I would have to come back in 4 weeks.

We got to see our baby sucking it's thumb and swallowing. She showed us the baby's heart beat and told us that it was 155bpm. which is withing the normal range. We also got to hear the heart beat too.

The baby wasn't moving so she pushed lightly on my tummy and the baby started to move like crazy. The baby unfolded it's legs, which were folded Indian style, and straightened them completely and curled it's toes over. It was so amazing to see. Then the baby waved at us, can you believe it! Even the lady was surprised.

She asked us if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. She said because I can see right here what your having. We said that we did and she tried to get us a good view and said you're having a...BOY!!!!!

We got to find out the sex of the baby a whole month earlier then we should have. What a blessing this has been for us!! We are so happy and feel so blessed. We did get a wonderful crotch shot of his private parts, and it is definitely a boy! This visit was so worth it and we get to do it all again next month.

Thank you Lord for your wonderful blessings!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Second Prenatal Visit!

12 Weeks & 1 Day
Jan. 7th 2008

We just had our second prenatal appointment. Paul and I were not expecting to get to see the baby at this visit. However, our doctor informed us that the baby was still to young to hear the heart beat via the Doppler machine that they use. So we got to see our baby instead!

We were so happy and excited. He told us that everything was looking wonderful with the baby despite the fact that I have lost 5 lbs. do to morning sickness and having a cold. The baby was looking healthy and measured bigger for it's gestational age. We also got to see the heart beating and the doctor told us that it looked great and was beating normally.

So Baby Laufer is on it's way and looking great! We are looking forward to feeling the baby move and finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. We are also excited about getting the baby's room ready and all set up.

We will update you with more real soon!!