Elijah's 3rd Birthday!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was different this year for us. First, it was the first time both Paul and I were not with our parents for Christmas. Second, it was our first Christmas as a family of four. Third, it was our first Christmas in our house (last year we were in Cali). Fourth, it was Paul's first time celebrating Christmas on Christmas morning instead of Christmas eve.

We had a wonderful time. It was nice being just us four and starting our own traditions. We took our time opening presents and then I made a big breakfast before starting on Christmas dinner.

Jeremiah and Rachel got spoiled with lots of presents. It was so much fun watching JP's excitement as he was opening his presents.

Rachel had fun too even though she could not open her gifts. She loved watching us and loved staring at her gifts that she received.

JP was so excited he could not contain it...

Paul spoiled me with a sapphire and diamond necklace and ring (sapphire is my birthstone). I got Paul a chronological Bible.

It was one of the best Christmas's we have ever had. It was such a wonder day.

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Christmas Time...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...here we are with the tree we picked out in the bed of the truck. We took the opportunity to decorate the tree while both kids were sleeping. Here is the finished product...

Here are some pictures to JP's reaction to seeing the tree. As you can see we have the gate up to protect the tree and our ornaments from JP. He is pointing and asking about the lights and ornaments...

His favorite was the soccer ball. Can you find it?

Here is our house with the lights up and lots of snow.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rachel turns 3 months

Rachel is such a wonderful addition to our family! Rachel has been up to lots of new things. She is much more aware and alert of her surroundings, she can hold her head up even better now, she is teething like crazy (no teeth yet) so everything is going into her mouth, she loves watching big brother play (especially when JP and daddy are playing), JP makes her smile all the time, she loves looking at her toys and is starting to grab at them, and Paul says she even laughed for the first time (although I didn't get to really hear it). She likes to suck her left thumb to sooth herself. Maybe this means she's a lefty! There's lefties on both sides of the family including me. But one of the biggest accomplishments she did this past month is roll over for the first time! She doesn't do it all the time but she has done it a few times. Here she is trying to roll over...

She loves her daddy very much. You can see it in the way she looks at him. She just lights up when he's holding her. She loves being in daddy's arms and calms right down when he's holding her.

We are so proud of her and cannot wait to see what this next month will bring. She brings so much joy into our lives. We cannot imagine life without her. Here are some more pic's...