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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

J.P. Turns 9 Months Old

Jeremiah finally has some teeth to speak of! He got his two bottom teeth on March 14th. He never complained that his gum's were hurting at all. So the toothless grin is finally gone. He is enjoying feeding himself. It's so neat to see him pick up the food with such intent and put it into his mouth.

He is still crawling all over the place and getting into everything. He is walking around the coffee table while holding on. He lets go with both hands and balances for a short time. He is really working on the whole balance thing. Our Pediatrician told us that the next thing after learning to balance is walking! "Look out world here comes Jeremiah!"

He loves calling for "dada" all the time and you know it's with meaning now. He stopped saying "mama" for now. But he is making all kinds of other noises like car sounds, and rolling his "r's". He has whole conversations with us (in his language of corse) and laughs at daddy's jokes. He is now in his toddler car seat which means he is getting so big. He is definitely more of a toddler to us than a baby now.

He loves his bath time! He splashes and gets us all wet. We tell him "we must be sitting in the splash zone." He plays, laughs, spalshes, and squeals with delight at bath time. He has a wonderful sense of humor and his smile and laugh just bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. He is so much fun! We are so looking forward to what this next month will bring. We are so proud and happy to call Jeremiah our son!

Here are some fun pictures of him! These are his favorite ones...