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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Laufer #2!

12 wks 4 days
March 16, 2009

Yesterday Paul, Jeremiah and I got to see the newest addition to our family for the first time. The baby was moving all around and giving us a big show. We got to hear and see the heart beating. It was 158 bpm (Which is normal). Jeremiah had a hard time sitting still during the ultrasound and wanted to get down from daddy's lap and crawl around. He did look at the screen and was interested for a little bit at the movement on the screen. But that only lasted so long.

From what they told us everything is going well with the baby and there seems to be no defects. The heart, lungs, brain, spine, hands, feet, etc. all look really good. It was still to early to see the sex of the baby, but we should be able to find out at my next ultrasound in May. Here are some ultrasound pictures that we got of Baby Laufer #2.


Friday, March 13, 2009

J.P. turns 8 Months Old

J.P. is now 8 months old! He is advanced so much during this past month. He is now crawling and sitting himself up from the crawl position. He is now pulling himself up at the couch, coffee table, or pretty much anything he can pull himself up from. He has started getting into our dvds, our books (even gave himself a paper cut), pulling on outlet cords, and pulling on the cord to a playstation controller. We cannot leave the room for 10 seconds without him getting into something.

Our house still needs some more baby-proofing. We are not ready for this next step and thought we would have more time. This is something that now is at the top of our todo list.

He is working on walking while holding onto the coffee table. Loves to let go of whatever it is he's holding onto and balances for a few seconds. He now reaches up for mama or dada to pick him up. Loves to be outside with the wind blowing in his hair. Loves to chase the dog and always wants her toys over his own.

J.P. is loving church. I often keep him with me because he loves all the worship music and dances and sings (in his baby language) to the music. He does love going to the infant room and does very well there. The first time we took him to the infant room he got the flu though. But that is the hazards of having a lot of children all in the same room. Someone has some kind of bug and they are sure to be so kind and share it with everyone else.

Here is what our church going boy did the other day...

They grow up so fast!!!!

J.P.'s New Room!

Here is what Jeremiah's room looked like before we painted it. Can you say "pepto pink"?

We have finished Jeremiah's new room and he is completely moved in. I was wondering if he would have any issues with all is stuff being in a different room and in different locations within the room, but he handled it like a champ. He is loving his new room! We think it looks so much better than the pepto pink that was in there before. It took a little longer that I would have thought or liked to get the room done, but we wanted it to be done right. Thanks to Dada and Grandpa Laufer the furniture got moved and set up perfectly.

Here is what his new room looks like now:

We also put J.P.'s hand print inside his closet so we would always remember what size he was when he moved into his new room. Here are some pic's from that adventure.