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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Laufer #2!

12 wks 4 days
March 16, 2009

Yesterday Paul, Jeremiah and I got to see the newest addition to our family for the first time. The baby was moving all around and giving us a big show. We got to hear and see the heart beating. It was 158 bpm (Which is normal). Jeremiah had a hard time sitting still during the ultrasound and wanted to get down from daddy's lap and crawl around. He did look at the screen and was interested for a little bit at the movement on the screen. But that only lasted so long.

From what they told us everything is going well with the baby and there seems to be no defects. The heart, lungs, brain, spine, hands, feet, etc. all look really good. It was still to early to see the sex of the baby, but we should be able to find out at my next ultrasound in May. Here are some ultrasound pictures that we got of Baby Laufer #2.


3 special thoughts:

Archer said...

Oh my goodness Elizabeth!! That's so exciting! Thank you for posting those on-line! I can't wait to hear the baby's sex. Hopefully Jeremiah will be more interested once the baby is born! :)

Neabear said...

Wowie Zowie! Baby number 2 is really coming along. So cute! How exciting for you. So are you going to be at the shower for Marsha? I noticed your name as one of the hostesses. Unfortunately I won't be able to come. But we are making a trip down there Father's day weekend to attend a gathering Edward's high school class is having. We may be able to see their new baby at that time.

Grandma Bea said...

Hallelujiah!!! We are so thrilled to see the ultrasound of our new little Grand Child. I think the baby has Mommie's shaped face...we'll see. It is wonderful that your baby is doing so well according to your doctor's visits. Our little Blessing is in our prayers with great Thanksgiving to God who is fashioning her or him.
Thank you for sharing the ultrasound!!! We love it!!!