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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jeremiah is 15 months old

Today JP went for his 15 month checkup and immunizations. He was such a trooper. He did not cry at all when he got his first shot and cried for about 10 seconds with the second one. The nurse had a hard time holding his legs still because he is so strong. She said that she was warned about how strong he is. I held his arms so that he would not reach down and accidentally get stabbed by the needle. Jeremiah is growing extremely well. He weighs 25lbs 2oz. (in the 55th percentile), and is 31 1/4" tall (50th percentile).

He really has changed in this last month. He loves kissing his sister and is now trying to pick her up. He will try to comfort her when she cries and comes to find me when I do not come fast enough for his liking. He is saying a lot of new words now. He says "sister" and goes around looking for Rachel. He says "tutle" (turtle) for his favorite stuffed animal. He has said "Gammy" (Grammy) for his Grammy Linda. Although she has not heard it yet. He says "book" when he wants or is playing with his books.

As most of you know he can climb the coffee table and stairs. He even pushes the chairs to climb to things that are even higher. He loves to climb the couch in the front room and look out the window and watch for daddy coming home from work. He even will look out the window and just watch the snow falling.

He loves to be outside now matter how cold it is. He loves running in the grass, playing with the rocks, going for adventures (walks), riding his tricycle, playing on the swings at the park, climbing anything that he can at the park, and helping daddy with the yard work. Going for jogs with daddy in the jogging stroller (I just got cleared to start exercising so now I can join them on their jogs). Jeremiah loves to climb anything that he can and has no fear, which is good and also bad. We are trying to teach him to have a healthy respect for climbing and heights.

JP is looking forward to the winter snow, playing in the sow, Halloween, Watching his sister get bigger (he wants to play with her), Thanksgiving (with Grammy Linda coming), first Christmas in our house as a family (last year we went to Cali.), growing and learning.

Rachel Has GERD

Rachel has GIRD (Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease). What happens is when she eats and her tummy is full the sphincter at the top of her stomach does not close all the way causing her to spit up all her food. This brings up stomach acid and is painful. Jeremiah had this too at the same age. We took her to the doctor who prescribed her medication to help reduce the amount of acid that her stomach produces.

They wanted me to give her the medicine and then weigh her after two days and let them know if she has lost or gained weight. At the doctor she weighed 9lbs 5oz. and when we weighed her two days later she weighed the same (9lbs 5oz.). We called the doctor and informed him that there was no weight change. He than told us to up the amount of medicine we were giving her to see if that helped. They also wanted us to come in a week later to check on her weight.

So today that is exactly what we did. While we were there for JP's 15 month checkup we also had Rachel looked at and weighed. We got to do a twofer. Anyway, she is doing really well and weighs 10lbs already. She has gained 11oz. in 6 days. Normal amount of weight gain is 1oz./day she is putting on 2oz./day. She will remain on the medication at least until her two month checkup and then she will get checked again. So we got a clean bill of health for Rachel, which is really good news.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is in the air...

It's fall again here in Colorado, the aspen trees are turning and it is a wonderful time to see the leaves changing colors. So we drove about an hour and half to see the beautiful trees and the "aspen gold"!

This year JP was running around and picking up the leaves. He had so much fun picking up the leaves and inspecting them. He wanted to go off exploring and was really sad when we had to leave.

Here are some more pictures from our first adventure as a family of four...

Rachel turns 1 month old...already

Can you believe that Rachel is 1 month old? I know I sure cannot. This past month has gone by so fast. She has been lifting her head from day one. Even the pediatrician was impressed. She has even more control over it now. She had started smiling, cooing, is more awake and aware. She sleeps well, even while JP is crying and screaming. She wakes up twice in the night and falls back asleep well. The longest she has given us is 5 hours of sleep (only once). She has already gotten her first cold (so much for going for a well check up at the doctors). It was a mild cold but it did cause her to have trouble sleeping and breathing. She is doing so well now.

Here is a video of Rachel...

We are looking forward to seeing her personality develop and watching her grow. We are loving our new daughter and enjoying being a family of four.

JP Climbs Coffee Table

What my life is like with two kids...