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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is in the air...

It's fall again here in Colorado, the aspen trees are turning and it is a wonderful time to see the leaves changing colors. So we drove about an hour and half to see the beautiful trees and the "aspen gold"!

This year JP was running around and picking up the leaves. He had so much fun picking up the leaves and inspecting them. He wanted to go off exploring and was really sad when we had to leave.

Here are some more pictures from our first adventure as a family of four...

3 special thoughts:

Grammy Linda said...

Does this look like fun...off to the forest. All the pictures are great and you all look so happy. Enjoy where you live!
Love Grammy Linda

Uncle John said...

The one with JP by himself has gorgeous lighting. I'll bet cropped to a semi-profile portrait, it would be stellar!

Here the leaves are turning to a fall-time dry and crusty look.

Neabear said...

Fun pictures! Love them all. The trees around there are so pretty and colorful. The vineyards around here are starting to change.