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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rachel turns 1 month old...already

Can you believe that Rachel is 1 month old? I know I sure cannot. This past month has gone by so fast. She has been lifting her head from day one. Even the pediatrician was impressed. She has even more control over it now. She had started smiling, cooing, is more awake and aware. She sleeps well, even while JP is crying and screaming. She wakes up twice in the night and falls back asleep well. The longest she has given us is 5 hours of sleep (only once). She has already gotten her first cold (so much for going for a well check up at the doctors). It was a mild cold but it did cause her to have trouble sleeping and breathing. She is doing so well now.

Here is a video of Rachel...

We are looking forward to seeing her personality develop and watching her grow. We are loving our new daughter and enjoying being a family of four.

2 special thoughts:

Linda said...

Happy 1 month Birthday little Rachel! The time has gone so fast but look how you have grown. Your cheeks are full and those eyes...you sure recognize your Mama's voice and love. Be blessed and know that you are loved by so many of us.
P.S. Your brother loves you too he just shows it differently.

Neabear said...

That smile was so precious! I really enjoy seeing the videos of the kids. Helps me to feel closer to them somehow. Thanks for sharing!