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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy First Birthday Jeremiah!

Saturday July 11, 2009 (his actual birthday is the 13th)

Jeremiah has turned 1 year old! We can hardly believe it. We had a wonderful birthday celebration with Grammy Linda, Grandpa Charley, and Grandma Debbie all coming from California and many of our friends coming from our church just for Jeremiah's birthday.
Thank you Grammy Linda, Grandpa Charley, and Grandma Debbie for coming and making his birthday so special. It really means a lot to us that you traveled just for JP and he really enjoyed having you there. It made all the difference having family celebrate with us. So thanx again!!!

Jeremiah had a lot of fun running all around and playing with the other kids. He really enjoys playing with the older kids (3-6 age). He got a lot of presents and had a lot of fun opening them. He did not want to read the cards but wanted to dive right in to opening the presents. He is really good at ripping the paper off and truly got spoiled by everyone. He loved watching everyone sing him ♫Happy Birthday♪ and had fun digging into the cake once he knew he wouldn't get into trouble and that it was eatable. Here is the cake before JP got a hold of it. If you cannot tell it's Cookie Monster.

And here he is after digging into and making a big mess. The frosting stained his teeth and hands blue but we were able to get it off in the bath. He had a lot of fun! If you can't tell by the look on his face.

For his actual birthday the grandparents and I took Jeremiah to Toys R Us! Grammy Linda and I bought JP some nice wood toys. They don't make any musical noise and do not require batteries. He really is enjoying those. They seem to be some of his favorites.

He got a tricycle from his mommy and daddy. It is a nice one that is for 1-5 year old. He still is just a little to short to reach the petals even on the smallest settings but will reach them in no time I am sure. It has a parent control bar on the back so that the parent can push him. We have not taken him outside on it yet but when we do we will get some pictures and post them.

Jeremiah is trying to run now! He loves to go outside and play. He now knows that in order to go play outside he has to put his shoes on. So he will bring me his shoes so that he can go outside. He loves to go for walks on our paths and cries when I turn him around to go home. He just loves to explore and is sad when it has to come to an end. He is truly a toddler now and is always on the go. He goes and goes until he crashes. Apparently that's just how his daddy was...can you say "little chip".

He went for his 12 month check up at the doctor and he is doing extremely well. They want to see him back when he is 15 months for more immunizations. Our doctor said well I will see you before then at the hospital for your new little girl. Which surprised me at how close we really are to meeting our Rachel.

This year has gone by so fast and we are looking forward to this next year and all God has in store for us as a family of four. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. May God bless you all!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jeremiah's First Camping Trip

For the Fourth of July weekend we took Jeremiah camping for the first time. We went to Grand Lake in Colorado. It is about 2 1/2 hours from our house. All the trees have been chopped down due to the bark beetles. You can see the stumps where the trees used to be, but there are hardly any left. It was really sad.This is our campsite. As you can see there are no trees.

It was a real adventure! It was raining when we got there so Paul had to put up our tent up in the rain while I watched JP who wanted to go exploring. It rained the whole first night we were there but we were all nice and dry in our tent. We brought his pack 'n play and put it in the tent. That worked out real nicely. He slept really well. He woke up once and I let him know we were right there and that everything was ok and he went back to sleep.

The next day was beautiful and warm. We went on a boat ride with Uncle Brad and his family until it threatened to rain again. Which it did rain with lightening and thunder but it did not last long. Jeremiah loved to be outside and was sad that the rain kept us inside our tent. When the rain was over he really wanted to go outside and would bring me his shoes so I could put them on. He knew that he had to wear his shoes to go outside. It was so neat to see him communicate what he wanted.

He loved exploring outside and was not afraid at all. There wasn't a real flat area so I had to keep a close eye on him to make sure that he didn't fall and go rolling down the hill. Which did happen once but I caught him.

Daddy though it would be fun to give JP some of his s'more. He loved it and cried for more. Which Paul gave in to. Then when Paul's was gone I caved and gave him some of mine. He had such a sugar rush and then the sugar crash. It was so funny to see him all hopped up on sugar.

We had a lot of fun camping although it was very hard on me because of being pregnant. I did not have a lot of energy and bending over all the time to make sure JP did not fall was very hard on my back.

Paul put JP in a backpack to give me a break. He ended up falling asleep in it. It was really cute.

We look forward to camping again in the future with the whole family. I look forward to not being pregnant so that I can do a lot more. All in all though we had fun and it really was a fun adventure.