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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jeremiah is one and half!

JP wearing the shirt his daddy wore when he was JP's age.

JP is one and a half! He has grown 3 inches in 3 months. He now is 34 1/4 (75th percentile). He weighs 25 lb 10.5 oz. (45th percentile). Our pediatrician told that his weight gain or lack there of is probably do to how active a kid he is and that he grew so much in such a short time. Even the doctor was surprised at how active he was when we took him in when he was sick. I told the doctor that this is calm for him.

JP was really interested in what the nurse was doing when she was getting ready to give JP his shots. He watched the whole time with both shots. I was impressed at how well he handled the shots. This is his last set of shots until he is 4 years old.

JP is saying lots of words now. Some of his favorites are "cookie", "up pleeeeease", "turtle", "taco", "down", and many others. He uses lots of sign language to communicate his needs to us. He tells us in sign language when he's hungry, thirsty, wants more of something, and when he is all done with something. It really has helped us to meet his needs.

One of the biggest things we started working on this past month is potty training. Yes I am surprised too. He was showing some interest in it and we asked his pediatrician at Rachel's 4 months checkup what signs to look for and when would be a good time to start. He told us some of the signs were waking up from a nap with a dry diaper (which demonstrates control of the bladder), indicating he has gone to the bathroom in his diaper, seems interested when seeing mommy or daddy going to the bathroom. Which JP was demonstrating all three. So we got a potty chair and thought lets just see if he's interested. Sure enough he was he went potty in his chair the very next day after we bought it. He has gone several times since then. But our trip out to Cali. messed the progress up. Even though he had a potty chair at Grammy's he was not interested. We are not pressuring him but are trying to be encouraging to him. We will see if he wants to continue to learn or if we will take a break for a while.

JP is so loving to his sister. He hugs and kisses her all the time. When she is crying he goes over to her and pats her genteelly on the tummy. He brings her doll to her and is always sharing his toys with her. It is wonderful to see how much he loves and cares for her. We cannot wait to see how their relationship is going to develop.

JP's favorite game to play his hide-n-seek. He loves looking for mommy and daddy and screams with delight when he finds us. He also loves to chase and wrestle daddy all the time. JP never runs out of energy and is so much fun to play with. If you need to loose some weight then just play with our son and you will loose the pounds in no time.

Here is JP making his first snow angel in our front yard.

JP eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Here is JP wearing my mom's shoes. He loves walking around in mommy and daddy's shoes. But this day it was all about Grammy's shoes.

JP being silly with the Tupperware! The girl in the background is JP's cousin Avery.

We are so proud of our son and all his accomplishments. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful son.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rachel turns 4 months

Rachel is already 4 months! She is grabbing at toys and is even putting them into her mouth. She drools all the time but her doctor said that he could not feel any teeth coming yet. She is growing well. She now weighs 12 lb 9 oz. and is 23 3/4 in. long. He said she is doing really well for being a month early. She has already doubled her birth weight.

She is getting more vocal all the time. She even cries more vocally. She is also much more expressive with her face.

She is starting to pull her knees up under her. She is still working on lifting her chest at the same time. But we are already at the beginning stages of crawling.

JP makes her smile and laugh all the time. He loves to kiss her and give her lots of hugs.

She likes to drink from a bottle now so I am pumping all the time. I am glad she will take my milk from a bottle. We are going to be starting her on rice cereal tomorrow (hopefully we can get a video of it and post it).

Paul and I love to hear Rachel laugh and as I said JP gets her to laugh the most. Here she is laughing at something JP did.

We cannot wait to see what Rachel does next. I hope we don't miss it. It feels like she is growing up way faster then JP.

And for those of you who just cannot get enough pictures these are for you...