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Monday, August 24, 2009

Update on Baby Rachel

35 weeks & 3 days

Today I went for yet another doctor appointment. I saw my doctors partner who also delivered Jeremiah. Anyway, I have not changed at all from last week to this one. I am still 3cm dilated and still 80% effaced.

I am looking forward to being off this medication so that I can sleep through the night without having to wake up and take medication. I have 6 more days of being on the medication. I just keep telling myself "I will make it through this day".

Bea is now gone home and my mom is back for two weeks to help out. That will take me right up until I am off of bed rest. Then I will be able to play with Jeremiah again. I miss my time with him.

Jeremiah is doing rather well with the whole situation. He is running (and I do mean running) all around the house. He is wanting to climb all the time now. He is into to Sesame Street and of course Elmo. My mom says this is the best workout routine ever and that she will look like a model when she gets back home. He loves to go outside and play with the rocks and run around the yard. He is very interested in other babies and wants to say hi but he is good about not touching them.

I am waiting to for Rachel's baby furniture to come so that I can start setting up her room. It's hard not being able to "nest". I have the room all painted and everything ready to go once the furniture gets here. I am hoping that it comes this week. I have plenty for clothes from 3-9 months for her. My sister-in-law Christine sent a bunch of clothes that her twin girls have already grown out of for Rachel. I also got a few newborn outfits from my sister-in-law Marsha. I am set for a long time with clothes. I may need to get a few things for Rachel that are warmer because of the difference in the weather.

When I get Rachel's room all set up I will take some pictures and post them for all to see.

Anyway, that is the update for now. If anything changes I will let you know.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Docotr appointment

34 weeks & 5 days

Today I had another checkup at the doctor to see if I have dilated any further than I was last week. I went from 2cm dilated to 3cm dilated and from 50% effaced to 80% effaced. She is hoping at the very least to have me hold out until Aug. 31. When she is back from her vacation. The ultimate goal is to have me hold out until Sep 4 when I will be 37 weeks.

She said that she is surprised that I have not already gone into labor yet and that I am doing well and to keep doing what I have been doing. Bed rest is not too bad except that I have Jeremiah. Even though I have family here to help I cannot stop being a mother. I am getting up more than I should and doing more than I should, but how do I stop being a mother?

So although I am progressing my doctor seems happy and I am happy that I do not have to go into the hospital. My next visit is next Monday with my doctors partner who happened to deliver Jeremiah. I had never met her until she came to deliver JP. It will be interesting to see her again.

I am so grateful to everyone for their prayers and well wishes. It means so much to us!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preterm labor update

33 weeks & 4 days

Today I went for a checkup to see if I had dilated any further than last week. The good news is that I am still at 2cm dilated which means that I have not progressed any further. So between the medication and the bed rest I am doing ok. Rachel's heart rate was normal and she is measuring normal as well. So those are all good sings.

I will continue to go to the doctor every week until Rachel is born. The doctor told me that she wants to keep me on the medication until I am 36 weeks and bed rest until I am 37 weeks. She also said that at 36 weeks the lungs are developed 95% but at 37 weeks the lungs will be developed 99%.

So right now my goal is to make it to 37 weeks gestation and then Rachel can come at anytime. My doctor is going on vacation in two weeks (I will be 35.5 weeks) and said that I better not go into labor while she is gone. She really wants to be here for Rachel's birth. Which makes me feel good that she really wants to see this through till she's born.

Thank you to those who have sent me well wishes, warm thoughts, and welcomed prayer for our family, especially for Rachel. I will continue to keep you updated as best I can. May god bless you all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pregnant and on bed rest...

32 weeks 5 days
Wednesday 8/5/2009

I had a standard OB appointment to check Baby Rachel. I mentioned to the doctor that I had some blood tinged discharge and she wanted to check me a little closer than they normally do at this point in the pregnancy. Everything seemed to be going well. Her heartbeat was 157 bpm (which is within the normal range) and she was measuring normal in size.

Then the doctor did an exam and told me that I am already 2 cm dilated and had to go on immediate bed rest. This was very shocking news to hear. I was by myself and Paul was in Arizona on business and would not be home until late Thursday night. She told me that I could not get up for more than 30 minutes a day and that I could not be elevated more than 30 degrees. She also told me that she would be putting me on medication to stop my labor. The medication that she put me on is Procardia and needs to be taken every 4 hours even at night. So I have to set an alarm to wake me up at night to take my medication.

She then wanted me to come back on Thursday (the next day) to have an ultrasound done to check the baby and see how she was doing. During this time my mom flew out to be with me and help with Jeremiah. Paul was due to come home but not until late that night. The technician checked my amniotic fluid level (which look normal), the size of the baby (she weighs 4 lbs 15 oz), the lungs, heart (heart beat was 142 bpm still normal), and all the other organs, measured her bones and checked the length of my cervix. My cervix is shortening and is measuring 1.5 cm. A normal cervix length is 4cm.

The technician told me that my doctor would call me later that day to let me know the results of my ultrasound. I have yet to hear from her. They only things I have to gone on is that if things looked really bad she would have called me. I go by the old saying "no news is good news!"

So here I sit or rather lay waiting to hear from my doctor. I do see my doctor this coming Tuesday where she will check to see if I have dilated any further than I already am. If I do start to get worse or if I do not comply with the bed rest then she will have to put me into the hospital.

At this point I am not sure how long my mom will be able to stay. Her boss is out of town of business. He won't be back until Monday. She is going to see if she can work out of our house and help us. Paul is home and has today off. So he is here helping along with my mom.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers during this very difficult time and will keep everyone posted when I receive updates.