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Monday, August 24, 2009

Update on Baby Rachel

35 weeks & 3 days

Today I went for yet another doctor appointment. I saw my doctors partner who also delivered Jeremiah. Anyway, I have not changed at all from last week to this one. I am still 3cm dilated and still 80% effaced.

I am looking forward to being off this medication so that I can sleep through the night without having to wake up and take medication. I have 6 more days of being on the medication. I just keep telling myself "I will make it through this day".

Bea is now gone home and my mom is back for two weeks to help out. That will take me right up until I am off of bed rest. Then I will be able to play with Jeremiah again. I miss my time with him.

Jeremiah is doing rather well with the whole situation. He is running (and I do mean running) all around the house. He is wanting to climb all the time now. He is into to Sesame Street and of course Elmo. My mom says this is the best workout routine ever and that she will look like a model when she gets back home. He loves to go outside and play with the rocks and run around the yard. He is very interested in other babies and wants to say hi but he is good about not touching them.

I am waiting to for Rachel's baby furniture to come so that I can start setting up her room. It's hard not being able to "nest". I have the room all painted and everything ready to go once the furniture gets here. I am hoping that it comes this week. I have plenty for clothes from 3-9 months for her. My sister-in-law Christine sent a bunch of clothes that her twin girls have already grown out of for Rachel. I also got a few newborn outfits from my sister-in-law Marsha. I am set for a long time with clothes. I may need to get a few things for Rachel that are warmer because of the difference in the weather.

When I get Rachel's room all set up I will take some pictures and post them for all to see.

Anyway, that is the update for now. If anything changes I will let you know.

2 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

Thanks for the update! I was just thinking about you and I come home and here is an update from you. I continue to pray that all goes well.

Jeff and Sarah said...

We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about and praying for you guys... especially little Rachel! You are doing a good job, Liz!! Give us a call any time you need to talk. Take care!
Love, The Squires