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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preterm labor update

33 weeks & 4 days

Today I went for a checkup to see if I had dilated any further than last week. The good news is that I am still at 2cm dilated which means that I have not progressed any further. So between the medication and the bed rest I am doing ok. Rachel's heart rate was normal and she is measuring normal as well. So those are all good sings.

I will continue to go to the doctor every week until Rachel is born. The doctor told me that she wants to keep me on the medication until I am 36 weeks and bed rest until I am 37 weeks. She also said that at 36 weeks the lungs are developed 95% but at 37 weeks the lungs will be developed 99%.

So right now my goal is to make it to 37 weeks gestation and then Rachel can come at anytime. My doctor is going on vacation in two weeks (I will be 35.5 weeks) and said that I better not go into labor while she is gone. She really wants to be here for Rachel's birth. Which makes me feel good that she really wants to see this through till she's born.

Thank you to those who have sent me well wishes, warm thoughts, and welcomed prayer for our family, especially for Rachel. I will continue to keep you updated as best I can. May god bless you all.

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