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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

17 weeks 2 days

Today Paul and I went to visit Dr. Mazdisnian (maz-disney-an) for our regular monthly visit. Today we had several items on the agenda: Listen to the baby's heart, review the results from yesterday's ultrasound, discuss the AFP pre-screen genetic defect blood test, and answer any miscellaneous questions.

The first thing we did was listen to baby's heart beat using an instrument he called the "Doppler". The baby's heart sounded strong and fast, which is good since it should be in the 120-160 beats per minute range. Our baby has consistently been at around 150 beats per minute. We also heard some interesting wooshing sounds something like when you bump the needle on a record player. The Dr. explained that these sounds are caused by the baby moving and that we have a very active baby. Exciting!

The next item on the agenda was to discuss the AFP genetic defect pre-screening test. This blood test is to determine if our baby is at a higher risk of certain types of genetic defects. While Paul and I would never terminate the pregnancy because of an abnormality, we do want to know if there is anything wrong that we can be praying and preparing for before baby is born. If we don't here from them in a week then that's good news. If we do hear from them in a week, there is a possibility of bad news, but it will take more tests to determine. So we're hoping for that phone to stay quiet :)

Next was the review of the previous day's ultrasound. Dr. Mazdisnian explained that the baby looked perfectly normal, healthy, and a little bit big for his gestational age. He also noted that the placenta is implanted towards Liz's back and that since she is on the taller and thinner side that she wont be showing as much. Basically, she has plenty of room in her chest and stomach cavity for her organs to go instead of having to get pushed out. In short, reviewing the ultrasound scans confirmed that the baby is normal and developing perfectly.

After reviewing the ultrasound we had a Q&A session. He asked me if I was feeling the baby move and I explained that I wasn't sure. I explained that I had felt some slight pulsing in my lower abdomen but didn't know if it was the baby or ... something else. He informed me that it was the baby and that I should be feeling it more frequently and stronger in the days to come. Woohoo!!! It's about time :)

After our time with the Dr. was finished we went to the lab to have the AFP blood test. Afterwards Paul and I attempted to go do our usual thing and have In'n'Out, but it was roped off and closed! We noticed that there was a man climbing the power pole so we can only assume that they lost power and couldn't open for the day. So we ate at another In'n'Out on the way home. So there!

This evening, after Paul returned from work, he was feeling my tummy hoping to feel the baby kick. First he would feel something, then I would, and finally, we both felt something at the same time! It was so cool!

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