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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Grammy Linda's

Second stop on our California Christmas trip was to Grammy Linda's house. The party really started once Jeremiah's two cousins Avery and Mia got there. Grammy Linda could not have been prouder to have all of her grandchildren together.

It was baby madness everywhere. There was so much baby stuff you could hardly walk around the room. There was always one baby doing something cute that stole the limelight. It was fun to see them all together and see them start to really notice each other.

He also got to meet some Great Uncles here as well. He met his Great Uncle Warren and his Great Uncle Jim as well as his Great Aunt Sheila. They all adored him and did not want to put him down.

He even got to meet his second cousins Jared and Ashley. Like I said there was always someone to hold him and he loved it.

But meeting people did not stop there. He met Michael (Marilyn's son), Jared's wife Kristina, and Kenessa's dad Steve.

On top of meeting all these people there was still more fun to be had. Jeremiah even got to open more presents! This time he was much better with the concept of what to do. He pulled the paper right off and put it straight to his mouth. His toys he finally noticed once mom was able to get them out of the package...toys these days! Why do they make them so hard to get out of the packages? Plus they come complete with chocking hazards with all the twist ties they use (frustration in my voice).

Here are some favorites of Jeremiah's. Enjoy!!

Though Christmas Day was over there was still more Christmas fun to be had. Next it was off to Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Dreger's house.


1 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

The picture of him on his tummy looking up is just precious. So cute. I can tell your mom was thrilled to have all of you there. So special. This is what I miss so much with my kids.