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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happiest Half Birthday to Our J.P.!!!

I cannot believe that Jeremiah is 6 months old already. He has grown and changed so much! He loves playing with his toys that have a cause-and-effect type action to them. He is saying "Dada", "Mama", "gaga", but his favorite is "baba" or "blah". He is really loving interacting with our dog Shy-Ann, who is starting to like Jeremiah because she has learned that he can play with her and pet her. They love to roll the ball back-and-forth with each other. Jeremiah rolls the ball to the dog and Shy-Ann will push it back with her nose. It is so cute to see. Now anytime Jeremiah is on the floor she thinks it means it's time to play with her.

Jeremiah is eating solid foods now. He loves to eat! He wants anything we are eating and drinking. He is a great eater and often we cannot give him enough. He does not like sippy cups at all. He just wants to drink out of a regular cup. He has a green cup that I had when I was a little girl and would drink out of. That is now his favorite.

Jeremiah had his first cold this month and had a few rough nights. Here are some pictures of him sad, sick and of course not sleeping. It was really sad to see him not feeling well. I wish that I could take it away from him and take it upon myself, but I already had a cold myself.

Jeremiah is now pushing up onto his knees and starting to rock. It wont be too long now before he is mobile and on the move. He is impressing all of us including his doctor who told us that he will probably walk early and to be prepared. Oh, crap I need to baby-proof our house. I guess it is time to buy baby gates for the stairs and locks for our cabinets. He has discovered that he can stand while holding onto his gym/playmat. Which makes him so happy. He squeals with delight. He is turning into such a boy and not a baby anymore. I think we will blink and he will already be one years old.

Here is Jeremiah and Tuffy his favorite stuff animal. Tuffy was given to him by his Uncle Scott. (Thank you Uncle Scott!) He fell asleep with Tuffy over him and I just had to get a picture of it.

3 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

Has it been that long already!?! He is sure a cutie! I like that number 6 that is almost bigger than he is. LOL!

Archer said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe he's already 6 months! Happy half birthday Jeremiah!!!

Grandma Bea said...

Happy Six Month Birthday, Jeremiah!!! You look too cute for words holding your big #6 and sitting so tall next to Tuffy.
You have learned to sit, call mama, dada, eat from a spoon and drink from a cup, hold your toys, and almost stand on your own two feet for starters! How did you learn all this while also napping twice a day? I know....it's your secret trainer...MOMMIE!!! She's pretty amazing! Way to go Paul and Liz...you have a little champion in the making!!!