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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rachel is 2 Months Old

Rachel is now 2 months and 2 days old. She is growing and developing really well. We had our two month checkup and first series of immunizations yesterday. Rachel now weighs 10lbs 15oz. (50th percentile), and is 21 1/4" tall (the 15th percentile). Paul did not agree with the length measurement so he decided to measure Rachel himself. He got 21 3/4" tall. So I told Paul to split the difference and say she is 21 1/2" tall.

Anyway, the doctor told us she is on her way to rolling over. He was impressed with how well she can hold up her head and how well she was pushing up her chest while on her tummy. We gave the doctor an update on how Rachel is doing with GIRD and he did not seem concerned. He told us that if she spits us about half an hour after we gave her the medicine to go ahead and give her another dose.

Rachel got three shots and one dose of liquid medicine. She did well with the shots and cried on and off for about two minutes total. We were very happy with how well she handled the shots.

Paul and I decided to take Rachel to get her ears pierced (you have to wait until they are two months old and have received their first series of immunizations). Paul and I picked out her earrings, we got her little round diamond studs. You fill out some paper work, then they mark her ears to let you decide if you like the placement. If you are happy then they go ahead and pierce them. They have to do one at a time with little ones because they do not know how to hold still. The lady was very nice and did an amazing job.

2 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

Rachel is adorable. I enjoy seeing your updates on how your beautiful children are doing.

Archer said...

Wow! I can't believe she is two months old already! She is absolutely adorable! I'm glad to hear that her check up went well!