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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rachel is 5 Months

Rachel loves to eat! We have started her on rice cereal,carrots and sweet potatoes this past month. Boy she loves her veggies. She just cannot get enough of them. Here she is eating carrots for the first time (video soon to come).

Rachel is staring at her hands and feet now. She is starting to grab at them too. She loves to have her tummy time and is scooting off her mat all the time. She also loves laying on her back and playing with all her toys. Her favorite toy that she sits in is her jumper. She loves it so much she even feel asleep in it.

Rachel is talking a lot more in her baby language. She is getting louder and louder. She loves to get JP's attention and he sure loves to make her smile and laugh. I am looking forward to hearing her say "Mama". JP is looking forward to her moving around more. While daddy is just happy.

She loves her walker. But most of all she loves JP pushing her around in her walker. Here feet barely touch the ground but that doesn't stop her from having fun in it. She loves the music part of it. It is so much fun to see JP and Rachel interact with each other.

For those of you who just cannot get enough of Rachel here are some more pic's for you to enjoy.

3 special thoughts:

Grandma Bea said...

Words aren't big enough to describe the JOY I feel seeing Rachel and Jeremiah enjoying eachother so...much!!! She loves her veggies just like her Mommie!!!! When Liz comes to dinner I always try to include more vegetables. This is the bestestest blog ever!!!!!

Grammy Linda said...

Rachel Rachel what a cutie you are. The first 5 months have flown by and the next will go even faster. You light up the hearts of those you love with your smile.
The Lord bless you and your Mommy and Daddy too!
Grammy Linda

Neabear said...

Such fun pictures! The kids are adorable. No wonder you have so much fun with them. Their laughter must be a delight to hear. Well, most of the time anyway. :-)