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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Elijah's Dedication

This is our Senor Pastor, Pastor Peter. Yes he is very young for being a Senor Pastor, but he is so wise beyond his years. We really enjoy his teachings.

On December 19th Paul and I had Elijah dedicated to the Lord. Paul put together a wonderful prayer for Elijah and had it all typed out ready to read. When we were worshiping that morning before the dedication Paul felt that God wanted him to say something completely different than what he typed. So he bravely went up there and said what he felt God was leading him to say. It was so perfect! I just hope you can hear it on the video because we do not have it written down and Elijah was crying almost the whole time until our Pastor took him, then he calmed right down. We also had to have another pastor come up and hold JP because he wanted to run all around the stage. We are putting the video together and will be posting it soon...

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