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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rachel is 1 and a 1/2!

Rachel is already a year and a half! Where does the time go? We feel so blessed to have are little princess Keiki! She is talking in sentences now. She loves to be outside. She climbs the ladder and goes down the slide all by herself. She loves to be in the swing. She loves being girly and playing with her purse, wallet, mirror, comb, dress up outfits, and tea set. But she also loves playing with cars, and trains too. She loves the movie cars and can name a lot of the characters. She loves Thomas and Percy the tank engines.She loves getting her hair done but often pulls her hair accessories out. Her hair is long enough for pigtails now!!! 

She loves dancing and has started singing. She loves to sing "Jesus loves me". She loves playing with her brother.

Love that their holding hands!

Rock wall climbing all by herself!

She can climb the rock wall all by herself. She is adventurous but also cautious at the same time. She is more girly and does wear her emotions on her sleeve. She really wants to please but cannot help herself when it comes to trash, toilet paper, and our DVD's.

She is always happy and laughing. She is such a joy to have and we thank God for our Keiki girl!

Yay, I did it!!!

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