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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daddy Daycare (Day 2 of 3)

Well, the kids are now in bed on the second full day of three of "Daddy Daycare".

This morning started at 5:40AM when Jeremiah came into my room complaining that his brother was stirring and woke him up. I told him that he could climb in bed next to me and go back to sleep. Yeah, that was a mistake because not only didn't he go back to sleep, he kept me up until 6:22AM when Rachel came in and turned on the TV (note that coming into mom and dad's room after 6AM and turning on the TV is an accepted practice in this house).

Breakfast was intended to be "Dutch Babies" but after yesterday's egg & cheese muffins we only had one egg left. So I resorted to the Krusteaz pancakes, which just require mix and water, and are always a hit with the kids. After breakfast the general consensus was to ride our bikes back to the "green park".

While JP was riding his bike in circles around the play area I snapped these photos of Rachel playing on the equipment. It's neat to see her doing the things that JP was doing a year ago, although he was more aggressive.

After the park we returned home for snack time which consisted of apple slices for everyone. Elijah had a tough time with them and ended up doing what Rachel did with them up until recently; chew them up and spit them out. The kids hung out, rode their bikes a bit, drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, and watched me turn the sprinklers back on. We haven't had any precipitation for the last few weeks and with this hot weather all the snow has melted.

By this time JP had been such a good boy that he earned enough marbles to fill up his marble jar and earned his reward. He chose to have me take him to Chick-fil-A for a vanilla shake and chicken nuggets for lunch. I keep trying to get him to order a chocolate shake but have been thus far unsuccessful... Thankfully this outing went quite well. The kids were all in a good mood and there was ample seating when we arrived. The staff at Chick-fil-A were very helpful (as always) with getting us situated and making sure we had everything we needed. Unfortunately JP was the only one who ate all his food. Rachel ate one nugget and Elijah, who usually eats as much or more than his older brother, refused to eat any! The only hangup was when Rachel declared that she had to go to the bathroom.

After lunch we headed home for nap time. All three kids went to sleep today between about 2pm and 4pm. During that time I finished cleaning up the kitchen, vacuumed downstairs and the stairs, put the toys away, and fixed a problem my mom was having with her computer that prevented her from seeing yesterday's videos. Just as I was finishing up with that JP, then Rachel, then Elijah woke up...

After nap time JP and Rachel went out to ride their bikes on the sidewalk. Elijah wanted to ride in his tricycle that has a seat belt and a push handle for dad. I snapped a picture of Rachel on her trike (wait, this picture is from yesterday!?). For some reason I just didn't think to snap a pic of Elijah.
Rachel on her trike ... yesterday (what happened to today's pic!?)

We ended up having pizza for dinner, and after dinner the kids wanted to ... you guessed it ... ride their bikes! By 7PM the first mosquitoes of the year were out buzzing around and it was time for the kids to go inside and get to bed. An hour later the kids were in their PJs, teeth brushed, we had read a book, sung "Gentleness", and the kids were in bed. Only one more full day before Mommie returns!


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