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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daddy Daycare (Day 3 of 3)

Today's my last full day of "Daddy Daycare". I love the kids and all, but I really look forward to Elizabeth coming home and getting back to normal.

Today started out with a breakfast of cold cereal. The kids chowed down on raisin bran and I had Grape Nuts. Speaking of Grape Nuts, why isn't this cereal more popular? I know they're hard but let 'em sit in milk for a bit and they're delicious. Who doesn't like the taste of malted barley?! After breakfast I put on Little Einsteins and caught this video of the kids helping "Rocket" take off:

I then escaped the house with the kids to run a few quick errands. We stopped at Safeway for eggs to make Dutch Babies for breakfast tomorrow and washed the car on the way home. Rachel is totally freaked out about the car wash, but today I told her I would hold her hand and daddy wouldn't let anything happen to her. She actually held it together the whole time and afterwords exclaimed, "Wheeee! That was fun!". I asked her if she wanted to go again and she yelled, "NO!"  I have to hand it to Jeremiah - he was encouraging her the whole time.

After getting home I dried off the car while the kids remained inside watching Jonah and the Whale. Then I let the kids out for snack time. We ate raisin muffins, but each kid had to have them prepared a different way: JP wanted his split in half but no butter and not toasted; Rachel wanted toasted and buttered; Elijah wanted buttered, not toasted. I guess I shouldn't complain because it's much faster when they don't all want them toasted and should be encouraged that they're not all just following Jeremiah's lead.

After snack time the kids went out for more bike riding, which was stopped short when JP decided to have a pee accident. He was so excited about going out and riding his bike that he lied to me when I had asked him if he had to pee before we went out. While I was taking care of that, and the bathroom was occupied, Rachel decided to relieve herself on our shoe cubby. Ugh!

By the time everything was cleaned up and the laundry was running it was time to start preparing for lunch. The kids and I each had a Chobani greek yogurt. If you haven't had this stuff you should try it. It isn't nearly as sweet as Yoplait (good in my book) and is remarkably thick and creamy given that most flavors have zero grams of fats. Liz and I were turned on to it when Costco was handing out free samples. Now our Costco doesn't carry it anymore but it is priced competitively with other brands at the local market.

After lunch the kids straightened up the loft while I vacuumed their rooms. Then they went down for their naps and once I was sure that Rachel was asleep I vacuumed the rest of the rooms. Unfortunately JP never did get to sleep, but he is used to staying in his room quietly until his clock says 4:00. Since JP didn't sleep I woke the others up from their naps early because I now was planning to put them all to bed early.

Now that the kids were up, we went back outside for more bike riding. I took JP's training wheels off again for more practice without them but he's still not quite getting the feeling. So I decided to give in to his pleas to put them back on, but did so with them slightly higher off the ground. My hope is that the extra side to side play will help him get the feel of it. It seemed to be working. Today he also discovered riding out of the saddle:
We didn't go back inside until dinner time. Dinner tonight was tater tots and dinosaur chicken with ketchup. The kids loved it so much that each one ordered seconds. Jeremiah ate a total of 5 nuggets and 10 tots, Rachel had four nuggets and ten tots, and Elijah had five nuggets and a half a tot. I guess he didn't like the tots.

Then it was cleanup time, bath time (got to have the kids clean for mom tomorrow!), story time, song time, and good night!

I've had a lot of fun the last three days, but I sure am looking forward to Elizabeth coming home!


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