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Monday, September 8, 2008

Jeremiah's Trip To California

This week Jeremiah visited his grandparents Martin and Bea Laufer in California! He had to travel to visit them because Grandpa Martin is under doctor's orders restricting travel. While there he was also able to meet his Uncle Nate and Aunt Marsha, Uncle Scott and Aunt Christine, his cousins Avery and Mia, and his Great Grandmother Hulda! Other firsts for Jeremiah include his first time swimming and his first CPAC party!

Jeremiah's favorite activities in California were spending time with family and "swimming".

2 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

What fun! And so adorable too. That is so cool that you were able to go there. Thanks for the video. It was great to see everyone on there. Made me wish we were there too.

Grandma Bea said...

Jeremiah was three months old yesterday and when I see this video when he was only seven weeks I am reminded of how much he has grown! He is huge now in comparison! Thank you Paul and Liz for the video visits; they make all the difference to curious grandparents! I can't wait to hold the BIG version of himself in two more weeks, Yipeeee!!!
Love, Grandma Bea