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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

Today was Jeremiah's first Halloween and our first Halloween in our new house. We were excited to see all the kids in our neighborhood all dressed up and see Jeremiah in his costume. We bought Jeremiah's costume in late August, to beat the rush. We figured that in late October the weather would be cold and most likely snowy. Well this Halloween was the first time in a number of years that it did not snow on Halloween. In fact it was down right hot!Jeremiah is a very hot blooded boy and the costume was just too hot for him. Also, we did not know that he would grow so big and be in the 95% for height. So the costume was a little small. We had him in his costume long enough to take some pictures, show are neighbors, and to have a video chat with Grammy, Uncle Scott, Auntie Christine, and cousins Avery, & Mia.

Here is what Avery & Mia looked like for Halloween. Mia was a chili pepper and Avery was a sunflower.

Here are some more pictures from Jeremiah's first Halloween. Enjoy!

Here are the pumpkins that Grandpa Laufer and Daddie carved! They didn't seem excited about doing them at first, but then had a lot of fun once they started.

P.S. Jeremiah was not really afraid of the spider. He was already crying from being too hot and I was trying to show him the spider when daddie took the picture. Makes for a great picture though.


2 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

Ok, we have seen the Halloween blog. It is so cute. Loved having a chance to do the video call. That was fun. It was so cool to see and talk with you guys and watch Jeremiah doing his thing. Love you guys!!

Grandma Bea said...

Hi Jeremiah!!!
You are so cute in your cuddly Pooh Beah outfit. The padded tummy looked adorable on you and made me want to squeeze you with a BIG HUG and never let you go!! Your neighbors were delighted to see you when you went trick or treating and stood tall and so proud while Mommy held your hands. You love to stand Jeremiah and do walking steps while holding Mommy and Daddy's hands. You'll be walking real soon and loving every step!
Thank you for your smiles, playing games with me, turning the pages in your little book, and sharing the things that bring you great joy, like your camo blanket, little truck, and your rainforest gym. Thank you for letting me and Grandpa cheer you up when you needed it while going for long rides in Pumba truck; it made us feel so important and fulfilled that we could bring you comfort and joy. Thank you for your long conversations...we live to hear your voice.
We miss you sweetheart!
See you soon, at Chirstmas!