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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Erika Laufer's Blanket

I thought I would share with everyone the blanket that I made for Nate and Marsha's little girl. I gave it to them at their baby shower. I thought that those that love to do crafts and especially crochet would love to see it. So with that said I hope that you like what I made...enjoy!

4 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

Oh, Elizabeth, that is beautiful!!! I am glad you shared it here. I get to see it that way. Of course I may get to see it for real when we are down there in June. You did an awesome job on your blanket. Now don't be afraid to share other things you have made too. I for one would love seeing those. Take care, Aunt Linnea

Neabear said...

I forgot to say that I had to laugh at the picture of Nate. That made me laugh. Silly boy!

Archer said...

Elizabeth I love the blanket! What a wonderful, heartfelt, and personal gift! I absolutely love it. It looks like Nate and Marsha loved it as well!

Grandma Bea said...

Oh, Liz,
I had the pleasure of seeing you finish the blanket. It is so much more beaitiful in person; the soft yarn and how it has a glistening quality in the light...Gorgeous!!
I am so amazed that you taught yourself how to crochet! I am thrilled for your daughter that you can make her cute hats, scarves, and purses all the way through her adult years!!! You are a blessing my dear Elizabeth.