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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

JP turns 10 months old

Our little boy who is not so little anymore, is already 10 months old! Some of the newest things that he has been doing is...waving "bye" with meaning now. Although he is selective at who he waves bye to. Plays peek-a-boo with us by pulling the blanket up over his head then pulls it down and waits for us to say "peek-a-boo". He has started to "share" his toys with us, which we are trying to encourage with our new girl on the way. He has three teeth now on the bottom and is just starting to get the two top teeth. He loves to dance to music (as most of you know from watching the dance video). He loves to give us "5" when we ask him to. He is starting to point at things that are of interest to him and making sounds that to us tell us he wants to know what it is.

But his most accomplished thing this month that he has worked so hard on is walking. He is balancing and taking two steps and then falling forward. It should not be too long now before he is truly walking around. "Look out world I am going to be walking soon!"

We are working with him on being gentle when touching people and using his inside voice. He is a boy after all and is rough, tumble and loud. He loves to scream and squeal to communicate. We are hoping that our new baby girl will be immune to all the noise from hearing Jeremiah in the womb.

JP has some new favorite things. They include this blanket and turtle. He is so attached to them. He will crawl around with them in his hand reminding us of Linus from peanuts who always went everywhere with his blanket in hand. Here he is with his favorite things...

1 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

What a big boy he is getting to be! It is fun to see your monthly posts of him growing. And the descriptions of what he is up to at this point. I can tell you guys are so loving being his parents. Take care. We love you!!