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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elijah is already 1 month!!

Where has this past month gone? I can't even believe it has already been a month! Elijah is growing and filling out nicely. He was skinnier than either his older brother or sister when he was born but now is looking rounder.

Elijah's accomplishments thus far include rolling over from his front to back (yes, all by himself!), lifting his head and looking around, looking us in the eye and smiling (and no, it's not always gas), and eating like a champ. Thus far he's avoided developing the "baby GIRD" that plagued his brother and sister. Of course we chalk that up to improved parenting :) ! He is doing so well that we have nicknamed him "Tuffy" because he is just so tough and strong.

Jeremiah and Rachel have adapted well to their new sibling. JP showed some signs of jealousy at first but for the most part that has gone away. He loves to kiss and pet his baby brother and really wants to hold him. We have let JP hold Elijah while sitting and JP says, "Awe, so cute!" which is, well, SO CUTE! JP also says, "It's OK 'lisha" and "Calm down 'lisha" when he's crying. Rachel also loves kissing him and bouncing him in his bouncer.

Here's hoping the next four years go just as fast. Then I'll have a break when all three are in school! (Of course I'll be crazy lonely and long for these days back...)

1 special thoughts:

Linda said...

Happy 1 month Birthday Elijah! Can't wait to hold you at Thanksgiving....

Grammy Linda