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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Here are some pictures of the kids all dressed up for Halloween. JP was a doctor. He had a pager and all the doctor tools but he didn't want to wear them. Rachel was Tinkerbell if you could not tell. And little Elijah was a skeleton. JP and Rachel went down our street to do some trick-or-treating. JP thought it was great that all he had to do was ring the door bell and he would get candy. He had lots of fun! We all did!!

2 special thoughts:

Linda said...

Totally Cute! I think Rachel is so cute she just might be able to fly! Jeremiah is a handsome doctor and Little Tuffy Elijah is taking his place in the mix..

Grandma Bea said...

Soo....adorable!!! I just want to pick up our little pixie and hug her for a long time. Elijah is so handsome and J.P. looks so grown up!! Great job Mom and Dad!