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Monday, June 13, 2011

Elijah's 7 Month Update

He is such a happy boy!!!!

Elijah is growing up so fast. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is such a smiley, happy, and content  boy.  He is starting to scoot around now, but he prefers to roll over and over to get where he is going. He is very independent and is happy doing his own thing but also loves it when you interact with him.
Elijah up on his knees in the crawl position!

Elijah is still working on sitting up. He would rather work on crawling then sitting up. Although he can and knows how to sit up it is not something he is really interested in right now.  He will sit up for me every now and then and I actually got a picture of it...

One of few pictures of Elijah sitting up!

Elijah is eating really well but he is still spitting up. We hope that the spitting up stops real soon for the sake of our carpet. His favorite food would have to be carrots. He trembles when you are feeding them to him.

There are a few toys that he favors one of which would have to be his little radio music player and we never leave home with out it. He loves his tags ball. He also loves monkeys. We have some toys that have monkeys on them and we have noticed that he is drawn to them. 

We are so impressed with how loving and sweet his disposition is. We are excited to see his personality develop and cannot wait to those precious first words. We know God has many wonderful things in store for him.

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