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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jeremiah turns 4 months old

Today Jeremiah had his 4 month checkup and immunizations. He has grown a lot over the past 2 months. He now weighs 15lbs 2.5oz and measures 25.25" long. He handled the shots like the little champion that he is. The doctor examined him and, to our surprise, told us that Jeremiah is about 2 months ahead in both physical and mental development. Mentally, he cited Jeremiah's ability to say "baa" and "moo", recognize strangers (Jeremiah shied away from the doctor, and has also started crying when being handed to friends), and recognize and grasp his favorite toys. Physically he cited Jeremiah's ability to sit up, support his full weight while standing, lock his knees, and try to walk while standing (he still needs us to help him balance, of course). Since Jeremiah is our first we took all these things for granted, but the doctor warned us that we have a "bright one" on our hands! We're such proud parents, can't you tell? Here are some pictures of our 4 month old prodigy :)

4 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

As usual, Jeremiah is a cutie. It does not surprise me you have a smart kid on your hands. It is fun watching him grow up, even from a distance. Thanks for the update. Love you guys!!

Grandma Bea said...

Happy Four Month Anniversay Jeremiah...or should I call you Daddy's " C H I P"...a chip off of Daddy's block! You did so well today at the doctor's office, I am thrilled they saw what we came to see on our visit with you.
Your Mommy is an absolute angel...she knows how to totally bless me by putting that picture on the blog of you looking at me and us "communicating" while playing. Thank her for me, ok?
I miss you Jeremiah, with all of my heart!!!
Way to go, our little Champion!!
I can't wait to see what you'll be up to when you're 5 months!!!
Oh....and "Bon Apetit!!!" Jeremiah...on your first solid meal today. I hope we see it on skype.
Grandma Bea

Grammy Linda said...

Paul & Elizabeth,

It is such a blessing to see your joy as first time parents. Jeremiah is also blessed to have such a wonderful Mommmy and Daddy. Just wait till he hugs you and says his first words to you...remember this time it is to be cherished.

Jeremiah way to go 'little man'. I love you bright eyes and the expressions of thought that you show on your face. You are a light that brings warmth to my heart and joy to our family.
Love Grammy

Uncle John said...

It's good to see more people responding to your blog. I didn't take much time just now to read the blog posting and watch the video, but I will sometime relatively soon. This weekend is packed rather full of school activities and catching up on grading. Every time I see Jeremiah I can't help but think how happy he looks. It's really a blessing to see his face after some that I see during the day! (The one I see in the mirror every day gets downright frightening at times.) Love you!