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Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Thanksgiving!

This was Jeremiah's first Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving in our new house. For Thanksgiving Grammy Linda came from Cali. to visit for a week. The two of us made Thanksgiving dinner together while Paul and Jeremiah had male bonding time watching football. Even though there was only three of us eating the food, we prepared a huge feast. I got to learn a lot about making a turkey (I have only made a turkey one other time!) which was very educational and now expected from Paul for every Thanksgiving. :) It was nice having our first Holiday in our new house and to see Jeremiah's face while watching us eat. He is so interested in food! He devoured his Thanksgiving meal of banana rice cereal, which he really enjoys.

Jeremiah got an early Christmas present from his Grammy, which he loves. She got him a walker. You should see him in it! I know it seems early for a walker but you should see how much he loves it. His feet barely touch the ground even on the lowest height setting. He pushes himself around using the walking motion on his tip toes. It is so cute. He loves the little "DJ" play system it came with and has so much fun making it play all kinds of sounds. He laughs and is so excited when we put him in it. I am glad that Grammy got to see Jeremiah enjoying his present in person instead of on the web cam.

2 special thoughts:

Uncle John said...

If you don't have a huge gathering, you could buy a smaller hen turkey rather than the bigger Toms. Another option is to only buy a turkey breast -- not the pressed turkey rolls -- whole turkey breasts are often sold in stores and work very well for families like yours. You even have enough for left-overs! By the way, if Grandma Bea will write down a recipe for her sweet potato / banana 'casserole' it could be something that you could share with Jeremiah (if you gave him some without the nuts). It was a wonderful creation.

Neabear said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I was wondering what you guys did for Thanksgiving. I don't know if you saw my post, but I posted pics of my table and decorations. You have a lot of years to practice doing the turkey. I did not do my first one until 1991 and Ed and Helen were around that year. Papa Ed as my kids called him showed me how to do the turkey that year. I have fond memories of that.