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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jeremiah is Two!!!

I cannot believe we just celebrate JP's second birthday. Wow there have been so many changes I do not know where to begin. Let's see...Jeremiah is a wonderfully smart, caring, compassionate, wild, full of energy, dare devil, loving, son. I could not imagine a more perfect child.

Jeremiah really enjoyed his birthday party. It was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed. One of his favorite TV shows. He had a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (chocolate his his favorite sweet treat). We had lots of people from our church come with their little ones. I had all my family here to celebrate. It was just a wonderful time to be had by all. It was a very exciting time including having to take care of a wasp nest outside (something all the men really enjoyed taking care of). The hard part for me was that I was on bed rest at the time and could not interact and participate in all the fun. It was really hard watching all the fun that everyone else was having while I was just lying on the couch. But Jeremiah had a blast and that is what matters most. He enjoyed having his Aunt, Uncle, and cousins come for his birthday. They really got along well and had a blast playing with each other. He misses them a lot and will ask about them by name. It was so neat seeing them all play together. I wish I wasn't on bed rest at the time. I would have loved to interact more with all of them.

Mommy on bed rest with kids!

Jeremiah knows all his shapes and colors very well. He loves his flash cards and often asks for me to get them out. His vocabulary has just exploded. He is talking in complete sentences a lot of the time. He still does some baby talk with real words mixed in. He has amazed us with some of the deep things he says.

Jeremiah loves to pray! If we give him food and walk away he reminds us that we need to pray first before he can eat. It is the cutest thing ever. We love to hear him pray. He does it with such passion. It truly is like he is talking to a close friend.

His favorite movie is Cars and in close second is Tinkerbell. He loves watching cars and knows all the characters by name. He also has a lot of the cars from the movie Cars. He tells us their names and has fun making up little games while playing with them. Jeremiah's other favorite thing is going outside! He loves to playing in out backyard and especially on the play set. He loves climbing up the slide and then slide down feet first on his tummy. He often cries when it is time to come in the house.

He is such a wonderful big brother to Rachel! He gives her hugs and kisses all the time. He cannot stand to see her cry (like when she falls and gets hurt). He loves it when she chases him around the room. They both just laugh and laugh. He is very good about sharing his toys with Rachel. He is just the perfect big brother.

More pic's from JP's birthday party and visit from the Dreger's...

Sister-in-law Christine and Step-mom Debbie

Cousin Mia

Cousin Avery

2 special thoughts:

Neabear said...

I am glad JP had a great 2nd birthday! It amazes me how quickly the little ones grow up. You a such a good mommy. :) I hope things are going well now that you have 3 little ones.!

Love, Aunt Linnea

Linda said...

Wow that was an awesome time with the Dreger Cousins gathering for Jeremiah's Birthday Bash. He is doing so well and has such an amazingly kind heart. Congrats to Mom and Dad for doing a great job!
Love Grammy Linda