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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update on Baby #3!

Monday I went to see the high-risk specialist to have our baby checked as well as my cervix length checked. The baby is looking wonderfully well. The baby is really low and head down. That is not normal for this gestation. But we are happy to say that baby is looking perfect.

My cervix is actually a little better measuring at 2.5 cm (last week it was 2.1 cm). Which is good news! However, the high-risk specialist wants to see if the change in my cervix length is due to the medication (Procardia and Progesterone shots) or the bed rest. So I am off of bed rest until Friday! Yay!!! Paul is doing a wonderful job at giving me my shots. He did his first one at home last night and it could not have gone better! Thank you Paul!!! I ♥ you!!!

I will go back for another ultrasound to check cervical length on Friday. If my cervix is not shortening then this will tell the high-risk specialist that the medication is working and that no further intervention will be necessary. I would not have to go back onto bed rest. If it has shortened then they are going to want to do the cerclage. It has to be done before 24 weeks gestation and I am almost 23 weeks. So if it has shortened then they are going to do the cerclage either Friday afternoon or Monday. I am really hoping that they can do it Friday afternoon because Paul leaves to New York on Monday. I would really like him to be there.

If I am to have the cerclage done it will be an out patient procedure and I will have an epidural. Then I will most likely have to be on bed rest for about a week until the stitch heals. After that I would be able to get up and resume normal (not crazy) activity. The high-risk specialist is really trying to make it so that I do not have to be on bed rest so I can be a mommy to JP and Rachel. I really liked the high-risk specialist and like the course of action that we are taking.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

God bless,

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