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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Preterm Labor Baby laufer #3

I have a prayer request for the Laufer family. For those of you who do not know (you must be living under a rock) I am pregnant with my 3 baby. I am 20 weeks 2 days pregnant now and it looks like I may be put on bed rest due to the fact that my cervix is shortening, often called an "incompetent cervix" (which is an indication of preterm labor). Right now my cervix is measuring 2.5 cm (normal is 3-5 cm) Two weeks ago it was 3.5 cm. So it's a concern that it went down a whole cm in two weeks. Plus my history of preterm labor with Rachel.

Right now I am on self imposed bed rest. I also have started Progesterone shots once a week. My first one was today and they showed Paul how to do it and he will do do the next one with the nurse then he will do it on his own from then on. The Progesterone is supposed to help with the preterm labor. They cannot give me Procardia yet (what I had last time when I was pregnant with Rachel) because the nerve receptors that the medication works on are not developed yet. They are developed around 24 weeks. I will go back next Tues. July 6 for another ultrasound to check the length of my cervix. If it has gone down further then I will probably have to go on bed rest. The other thing they may want to try is what is called a cervical cerclage, in which the cervix is sewn closed during pregnancy to prevent preterm labor from happening.

The good new is that the ultrasound I had yesterday indicated that the baby is doing wonderful and that there is nothing wrong with the baby itself. The baby is beautiful and healthy. As long as the baby can stay inside for 16 more weeks (i would be at 36 weeks gestation) then we are in the clear.

Please pray that my cervix would not shorten any further and that the baby would continue to grow healthy and strong. Also for Jeremiah and Rachel that they would not be affected by this. Jeremiah's birthday is coming up in two weeks and I would really love to be able to be apart of it. Our baby #3 is in God's hands and we believe that He has great and mighty things in store for this child.

Thank you for your prayers,

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